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Sankt Annen Galerie Brandenburg a. d. Havel

Brandenburg an der Havel

Three Medieval Districts

The former health and resort capital is nestled amongst streams and forest landscape and lies tangent to two of the oldest lake areas in the ’markish city’. The Lake District "Brandenburger Havelseen" is one of the ten largest lake districts in Germany and it the gateway to the largest interconnected water sports system in Western Europe.

The city was first named Brandenburg in 928/29. By 948, it was known as the first bishop’s sea on was said to be the "the cradle of the mark", since it is the oldest city in the federal state of Brandenburg to which it gave its name.

Along with the three medieval districts, Altstadt, Neustadt and Dominsel, the city centre is revered as the most important and historical ancient city in the federal state of Brandenburg. The former independent hanseatic towns of Brandenburg Altstadt and Brandenburg Neustadt were unified by royal decree in 1715. The cathedral parish came along in 1929. Today, the three independent city centres form a beautiful architectural ensemble.

Cradle of the Mark

The independent city of Brandenburg an der Havel, is one of the many regional centres in Brandenburg and is destined to be a development centre for the surrounding area. Brandenburg’s historical city centre, with its attractive pedestrian zone and impressive architecture, has been complemented and enriched by the Sankt-Annen Galerie’s presence.

Neustadt Markt 3, D-14776 Brandenburg an der Havel

+49 3381 213390


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